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When you read our blog you’ll experience some of our good natured southern Texas hospitality while learning more about the benefits of rig mats and how they can help complete projects easier and faster. At the Quality Mat Company we’re excited to share some of our exciting projects, such as the clean-up at Ground Zero, the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, and the world’s largest crane in Port Arthur, Texas, as well as help you learn more about our innovative mats. With two quality facilities, one located in Houston, Texas, and another in Killdeer, North Dakota, you can always count on the Quality Mat Company to provide the best swamp mats, crane mats, rig mats, oilfield mats, and more!
Recent Blog Posts
Oilfield Matting to Stabilize Pipeline Construction Efforts

Quality Mat Company’s oilfield matting may be called into action even more frequently than normal as North Dakota regulations tighten. Flaring–the burning of excess natural gas– is being targeted in new rules that require energy companies to submit plans about how extracted natural gas will be used. Natural gas is flared when there is no pipeline to move the gas to market. Significant funding will be injected into pipeline projects that move the natural gas out of North Dakota so it... READ MORE

Quality Mat is Ready for Hurricane Season

June marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic and until November 30th, many citizens will be holding their breaths that the crippling storm systems will stay away from the American mainland. Quality Mat Company stands ready to deal with the aftermath of any unfortunate disaster with our reliable rental mats.  In an emergency situation, efficiency and safety are everything. Rental mats are excellent for any cleanup efforts because that can be transported and implemented quickly. With... READ MORE