All About Logging Mats [Infographic]

All About Logging Mats

Logging Mats

It’s a straightforward process to lay down stabilizing mats on the Great Plains, but when oil drilling rigs or logging operations need to create a temporary roadway into a wooded area, the process can be complicated. In the past, companies had to move large quantities of rock, gravel, or other fill to create roads into forests. The process was time-consuming and expensive, often causing significant harm to ecosystems and nearby waterways.

Quality Mat Company’s logging mats revolutionized the process, making it easier, quicker, and more affordable to reach remote logging areas. By providing a strong, sturdy access road into wooded terrain, logging mats increase the efficiency and safety of any forest worksite.

Accessing forestry job sites often requires crossing waterways, and when significant water obstacles are encountered logging mats can provide an effective solution. Because they are easy to maneuver into any location, the logging mats are quick to set up and reduce soil sedimentation pollution from contaminating water sources, while still providing sturdy roadways for equipment and machinery to cross.

In addition to preventing pollution and physical damage to fragile ecosystems, logging mats are also environmentally friendly because they are reusable. Being able to use the same  mats on a variety of work sites—for several  years–is not only a great return on investment, but also saves on wood and other materials used to build the logging mats.

These mats are also used in drilling and construction industries for a wide variety of applications. They are commonly used as temporary road mats, giving stability and safety to crews and machinery in unstable work environments. They are also commonly used as oilfield mats, which support and stabilize the immense weight of oil drilling rigs, equipment, and heavy machinery at oil drilling locations.

Quality Mat Company’s logging mats are among the most versatile mats in the business, and can be reused for many years after they’re initially purchased. Providing stability to remote working locations helps to prevent work delays and accidents, allowing contractors to get the maximum out of their equipment and crews. The speed at which they can be set in place to prep a job site and then collected after the work has been completed, saves time, labor, and additional funds. To learn more about how to get logging mats to your next work site, contact Quality Mat and ask about our logging mats today.